Chimney Services in White Plains, NY

Chimney Sweepers LLC provides emergency chimney service in White Plains, NY, and Westchester County. Please call our office at (914) 437-5333 to arrange an emergency appointment.

Chimney Services

Chimney Sweepers LLC in White Plains, NY, is a comprehensive chimney sweeping practice providing a wide range of services for over 20 years.

Chimney Cleaning

Our highly skilled chimney technicians remove creosote and soot buildup, maximizing fireplace airflow and indoor air quality, while reducing the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide issues.

Chimney Inspections

Inspection is an essential service for every home or business with a chimney. Even if the chimney does not experience regular use, periodic inspections are a must. Inspections allow a professional to check your chimney’s condition, construction, and safety and recommend further services.

Fireplace Restorations

Restoring your home or office fireplace can improve its appearance and function. Restoring a fireplace when remodeling or selling a property can add significantly to your property’s value.

Wood Stove Inserts

Wood stove inserts can be installed inside a residential or commercial fireplace. Fireplaces with inserts are safer, cleaner, and more efficient than traditional open fireplaces.

Exhaust & Venting

The venting system for a chimney is one of its most important components. The key element of a chimney venting system is a flue or a passage that goes up from the firebox to the chimney’s exit at the top.

Emergency Chimney Services

An emergency chimney service cannot wait for a regularly scheduled appointment. Chimney emergencies often involve blockages, damaged liners, and carbon monoxide leaks.

Chimney Repairs

Regular chimney inspections can reveal hidden problems and reduce overall repair costs. We can inspect, repair, and rebuild damaged brick or masonry chimneys and fireboxes.

Chimney Installations

We can install new chimneys, wood and gas stoves, dampers, chimney caps, and fireplace glass doors. We can also handle your waterproofing and copper flashing needs.

Gas Fireplaces

We install gas fireplaces in your home. We can also retrofit an existing fireplace to accommodate a gas system.

Why Choose Chimney Sweepers LLC?

When you experience an urgent chimney problem, you need a caring company to help you. We provide emergency services on an as-needed basis. We aim to get you back into your safe, warm home as soon as possible.


For Emergency Chimney Service, call us at
(914) 437-5333