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What Is a Fireplace Restoration?

Restoring your home or office fireplace can improve its appearance and function. Many owners want to restore their fireplaces when remodeling or selling the property since a beautiful fireplace adds significantly to property values.

Your fireplace may also need a restoration due to damage or disrepair. If you have not used your fireplace in some time and want to build live fires in it, you may need to restore it and bring it up to today’s safety standards.

At Chimney Sweepers LLC, skilled restoration experts can repair a brick masonry fireplace, returning it to a fully functional, attractive state.

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Benefits of a Fireplace Restoration

Improves Safety

A restored fireplace is safer for multiple reasons. It keeps toxic gasses from seeping into the home. It keeps air pollution from burning wood out of the interior areas of your home. Adding glass doors keeps young children and pets from the dangers of hot coals and embers.

Adds to Energy Efficiency

A restored fireplace keeps cool and warm air where it should be, reducing heating and cooling costs. If you have a traditional open fireplace, installing a modern firebox can significantly improve your fireplace’s safety and efficiency.

Increases Home Values

A fireplace can be the center of a room and the highlight of a home. Many homebuyers look for fireplaces when deciding on a home to purchase. Adding a new or restored fireplace can enhance the home’s resale value.

Fireplace Restoration Services

Fireplace Restoration FAQ’s

While it may seem that you could undertake fireplace restoration independently, hiring a specialist for the job is much better. Masonry is a skilled art that takes years to perfect.

Fireplaces must not only be attractive, but they must be safe. If you build a fireplace yourself, you risk exposing your home to severe damage, including fire. Let an expert like Chimney Sweepers LLC update your fireplace to the newest safety standards.

Experiencing a fire in the chimney or fireplace is the most telling sign that you must restore it. An old, run-down fireplace may create combustion in the chimney instead of in the firebox, leading to significant danger. A fire can damage the hearth, masonry, and chimney liner. If the liner becomes cracked, flames can spread outside the chimney and into your home.

If a professional chimney sweep informs you that you have problems with your fireplace or chimney liner, you may need to restore it. Your chimney sweep may also note the presence of chips, cracks, creosote build-up, or obstructions. Finally, if your chimney is leaning to one side, it must be assessed immediately.

Glass doors preserve warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer, increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Even when the damper is closed, drafts can enter your home. Even after extinguishing your fireplace, the warm air may rise out of your home through the chimney.

Glass fireplace doors act like closed windows. They can keep downdrafts from excessively cooling your home. They can also keep warm air from escaping through the firebox and into the chimney.

Glass doors keep embers from drifting out of the fireplace and burning children and pets. Glass doors can also improve the aesthetics of your room.

Most homeowners know that chimneys must be cleaned and serviced by a qualified technician. However, a fireplace needs this type of maintenance as well. This problem often occurs in historic homes where the working parts of the fireplace may have deteriorated over the years. Professionals can detect problems and recommend the best way to repair them.

If your fireplace frequently experiences creosote build-up, you may not have a strong enough draft. A certified chimney technician may need to look into altering the inside of your fireplace and chimney to create better airflow.

If your fires have poor heat output, it may not result from a defect in your fireplace. You may be burning wood that has not been seasoned enough. Only burn wood that has been dried for several months or more and has been kept in an area free of moisture.

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