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What Is Exhaust and Venting for Chimneys?

The venting system for a chimney is one of its most important components. The key element of a chimney venting system is a flue or a passage that goes up from the firebox to the chimney’s exit at the top.

The flue may be part of the chimney and constructed from special fire bricks. It may be a steel liner inside the chimney or a separate pipe. Oil and gas heating appliances are more likely to have flue pipes than chimneys.

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Why Your Chimney Needs Venting

Exhaust and Venting Services

Exhaust and Venting FAQ’s

Blockages like lawn debris and animal nests can prevent air from flowing through the flue.

Utility flue cleaning is generally easier than chimney cleaning but is just as important. It reduces the risk of high carbon monoxide levels inside the home.

A longer-than-usual drying cycle is typically the first sign that your vent needs attention. Obstructions or clogs in the vent can reduce airflow and make your clothes dryer less efficient.

You may notice an odor of mold or mildew coming from your dryer. This problem is related to trapped moisture and heat. You may also see an overflow in your dryer lint catcher compartment.

Your dryer may run too hot and shut off from overheating. If your dryer shuts itself off, this is a serious warning sign that the vent may need immediate attention.

Exhaust fans keep heat and moisture from building up inside your home. Bathrooms are the top location for exhaust fans, though many homes also have them in attics. Too much moisture inside a home can lead to mold, mildew, and unsanitary conditions. We also install exhaust fans on top of chimneys experiencing downdrafts.

Damaged chimney liners can compromise your family’s safety. This problem is one of the reasons why experts recommend an annual chimney inspection and cleaning. A damaged liner may not guide heat and pollutants out of your chimney. It may damage your masonry as well. A damaged chimney liner may also allow pollutants to leak into the home, endangering your home and your family’s health.

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