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What Are Chimney Installations?

A chimney is a metal, masonry, or stone channel that helps smoke and gases rise from a heat source. Generally, chimneys vent through a building’s roof.

The best way to ensure a chimney’s safety and effectiveness is for a certified professional to install it. The installer will place it on a solid foundation and fit it precisely to your home or business.

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Chimney Installation FAQ’s

The damper is an adjustable flap that allows varying heat levels into your home. It must be open at least a little way when a fire is in progress, or smoke and carbon monoxide will enter the house. You may need a new one or a repair if your damper will not stay open or closed.

Numerous websites claim to teach novices to build their chimneys, but professionals believe amateur-built chimneys can endanger your home. You must install each part correctly for the system to work. You could invite indoor air pollution or, in a worst-case scenario, a chimney or structure fire if you try to go it alone.

Copper flashing keeps water out of your roof and out of your home. It seals the opening around your chimney and ensures no gap between the roof and the bricks.

Copper is better than aluminum flashing because it does not rust and holds up in any weather conditions. Other materials like plastic are not appropriate in our Northeastern climate.

A cap does not provide a seal against the weather because it must let gasses and smoke escape. Water will still enter the chimney around the cap’s sides.

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