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Chimney Sweepers LLC provides comprehensive chimney services, including routine cleaning, for residential and commercial locations in White Plains, NY, and the surrounding areas in Westchester County. To learn more about chimney sweeping or schedule an appointment, please call our office at (914) 437-5333.

What Is Chimney Cleaning?

Chimney cleaning is an essential service that makes your residence or commercial building safer. Wood-burning stoves and fireplaces cause soot and creosote build-up, possibly leading to chimney fires if not removed. Even oil and gas heaters’ chimneys need regular cleaning to function safely.

The first step in cleaning a chimney is preparing the area around the stove or fireplace. The technician will use drop cloths to catch any debris from the chimney during the cleaning process.

Next, the technician uses a heavy brush with metal bristles to clean the chimney. They start at the bottom of the chimney and work their way up. During the sweeping process, a vacuum catches and traps all the soot that comes down.

During the cleaning process, they remove the accumulated coating of soot and creosote on the chimney lining. The coating material falls into the fireplace or stove area, where the technician will sweep or vacuum it away.

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Benefits of Chimney Cleaning

● Prevent chimney fires

● Prevent smoke from coming into the building when the fireplace is in use

● Eliminate foul odors caused by creosote and soot

● Prevent metal and mortar in the chimney from becoming corroded

● Increase heating efficiency

● Cut down on air pollution both inside and outside your home

● Allow better chimney inspections

Chimney Cleaning Services

Chimney Cleaning FAQ’s

At a minimum, have your chimney cleaned once a year. You should increase your cleaning frequency if you use it more often or burn green wood.

Smoke from a wood fire can contain gasses, wood particles, and other volatile chemicals. As the smoke cools, it condenses on the inside of your chimney. Over time, this condensation hardens into creosote.

Creosote hardens over time. It starts as a flaky substance that the chimney sweep can easily remove with a brush. It becomes a glass-like substance that a technician can’t remove with a simple brush. The chimney sweep must use a power drill fitted with a rotary loop to remove it. If the homeowner doesn’t have the chimney cleaned, creosote becomes a concentrated fuel-like substance that needs chemical removal. The chimney liner may also need replacement.

As creosote hardens, it becomes more combustible. A spark or high chimney temperatures can ignite it. If the fire is intense enough, it can crack the chimney liner and cause flames to spread into your home or business.

Refrain from using your stove or fireplace for at least 48 hours before your appointment. Remove any logs from your stove or fireplace, and save any ashes you want to use for fertilizer in your garden. Remove the log holder, grate, glass doors, and other decorative items. Take everything off the mantle and remove all nearby items that can fall.

Ask them about the process they will use to clean your chimney. Your chimney sweep will be able to describe the cleaning process and answer all your questions. Ask them whether your chimney contains only soot but also creosote. Ask them to check the other flues in your home, like your hot water heater and furnace. Ask them about their professional certifications.

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