Chimney Repair in Westchester County

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What Are Chimney Repairs?

Chimneys are important parts of homes that have wood stoves or fireplaces. Like any part of your home, chimneys experience wear and tear and may become damaged over time. Chimney repairs ensure your family’s safety, your home’s energy efficiency, and the proper operation of your heating system.

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Signs That Your Chimney Needs Repairs

  • Fumes and odors in your home
  • Gaps and cracks in the chimney
  • Signs of water damage in and around the chimney that could point to a leak
  • Brick and mortar deterioration, known as spalling.

Why Chimney Repairs Are Important

Chimney Repair Services

Chimney Repair FAQ’s

The most important step to prevent water damage is installing a rain cover or chimney cap. A screen under the chimney cap will keep out birds and debris. Next, check the flashing on the roof around your chimney. Have damaged bricks repaired. Schedule a chimney inspection if you have any concerns, and follow the recommended schedule for chimney service at least once per year.

Spalling happens when the bricks in your chimney begin to break down. This serious problem can occur in older homes when the brick decays or in newer homes when chimneys have suffered damage. Spalling can happen when the original builders used cheap mortar, if they salvaged bricks from another structure, or in an older home exposed to the elements for many years. If your chimney shows signs of spalling, you may need a rebuild rather than simple repairs.

Fire bricks are heat-resistant masonry blocks that line your firebox. They can crack if the house foundation shifts, if you experience a chimney fire, or if the builder installed the firebox incorrectly. If these bricks become cracked, they may allow harmful gasses to escape into your home. If the bricks have any cracks or damage, call us right away to have them replaced.

We will inspect your chimney and let you know whether repointing or rebuilding is the best choice. Repointing is often enough when the bricks are in generally good condition.

Your home may develop rot from excess water in your chimney. You may notice water damage on your ceilings. You could be at a greater risk of a structure fire if your chimney is compromised. Your family could be at a higher risk of being sickened by carbon monoxide.

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Chimney Sweepers LLC provides many services to help your home or business stay safe and warm. When you call us, you can expect thorough, efficient chimney cleaning. Our technicians are friendly and helpful, and they are dedicated to making your home as energy-efficient as possible.

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