Gas Fireplaces

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What Is a Gas Fireplace?

A gas fireplace offers the warmth and attractive qualities of a live fire without the hassle of dealing with wood fuel. Gas fireplaces are highly desirable and can significantly raise your home’s resale value.

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Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

Attractive Accent

A gas fireplace can become the center of your home, especially during the colder months. Gas fireplaces offer hassle-free warmth and an attractive appearance.

No Mess or Ash Accumulation

One of the major advantages of a gas fireplace is that you will not have to deal with cleaning up ash, sawdust, or other debris associated with a wood fire.

No Storing Wood

You will not have to set aside an area in your home or yard to store wood.

No Creosote Build-Up

Since gas fireplaces burn clean, they will not produce creosote that needs sweeping. However, you will still need to have your gas fireplace serviced at least once a year.

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Gas Fireplace Services

Gas Fireplace FAQ’s

It would be best if you never left a gas fireplace unattended or left it on overnight. You could experience a carbon monoxide problem or start a house fire.

National fire code states that combustible material (wood mantel trim, decorative objects, etc.) must stay at least six inches away from the opening of the firebox.

While gas fireplaces are safer than wood, they do pose some risks. Children and pets must stay back from the fireplace because they could burn themselves.

It depends on the type of fireplace you own. A vent-free fireplace does not need a vent. B Vent and Direct Vent fireplaces need to vent air outside through a chimney, wall, or ceiling.

Operating costs vary based on where you live, but gas fireplaces generally take about 20 cents worth of fuel per hour to run.

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